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Ranting,it really pisses me off that pornography is so widely accepted in our community and regarded as something”normal” to participate in.How can sexually Degrading,Violent,Humiliating acts be performed on women and that be ok?
It’s every where we turn some sort of exploitive female imaging and I’m sick to death of it.I don’t look around and see men being the subjects of this kind of crap in a very degrading way (no where near the amount in comparison).
How can other women accept this ? It’s not ok and more women need to stand up and start challenging the status quo,no I don’t approve of women being exploited sexually (or in any way).
More disturbing is the fact that the young easily influenced minds of our children and youth are growing up with this surrounding them,boys believe there is nothing wrong with women being treated and represented in this way and our girls want to look like them! Men’s sexual knowledge and idealism expand as far as what they have seen in movies or looked at in magazines ! This is how boys are being educated in sex and what pleases women ! How screwed up is this? It’s like because men can’t say things like get back in the kitchen girl,without fear of consequences they have decided to use pornography to express their hatred and dominince instead.

Come on women let’s call these guys on it,let’s stand up and say no I don’t approve of this demeaning patriarchal bullshit pornogrophy.
Tell men what you think of it and more importantly tell them funding this openly degrading sexist crap makes them nothing more than a sleaze that doesn’t even have a brain to think with or they would not purchase and partake in something so harmful to women.